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As you all know, Our dear Sara is now officially a published author!

Her book, ‘Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song‘ was released on October 6th.
Here are a few reviews from fans and websites, join the conversation on the fan community :

I have been a huge Sara B fan since 2007 when I first heard Love Song. Over the years I’ve fallen in love with her music and was lucky enough to see her live last summer. This book like her music was beautifully and candidly written.
Mkod121 on Amazon


Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles is a five-time Grammy nominee. It makes sense that she would approach writing a book about her successful career in the music industry by organising each chapter by hit songs instead of life events. Bareilles chronicles the pain of adolescence, the resilience of a starving artist and the reality of being a celebrity with thought-provoking lyrics. Bareilles shares childhood stories about being a theatre kid and how her natural talent for music was always encouraged. She opens up about struggling with body issues and her parents’ unexpected divorce. However, it was a gut-wrenching breakup that inspired the lyrics for her most-requested song,Gravity. After this experience, Bareilles knew she needed to find out who she was as an individual. She often searched for that girl through major and minor chords on her piano. Performing became an emotional outlet for Bareilles. Luckily, she was feeling what millions of other people were feeling. Millions of fans embraced her story and her voice after her multiplatinum single Love Song, which ironically was a nod to Bareilles’ frustrations with how small she felt in the music industry. Before this energetic hit, Bareilles was often labelled as uncool or too jazzy. Many tried to identify her as part of a certain niche. They had no idea that Bareilles was something entirely new to the scene. Bareilles’ lyrics are deeply personal and are born out of life experiences. This unique talent helps her connect with her audiences on an equally deep level. One of the best examples of this phenomenon is how members of the cancer community adopted Brave as their personal anthem. Although the song wasn’t written for someone facing a life-altering disease, it was written about one of her friends facing something just as scary. Much like her songwriting, Bareilles pours her heart and soul into these essays. She grants the reader a peek behind the curtain and we see that Bareilles is just like us. She’s hardworking, creative and willing to be vulnerable in front of huge audiences. OK, maybe she’s not just like most of us. But she’s close.
Gulf News


Her story is as authentic and real as she is. Filled with Sara’s quirky brand of humor and vulnerability. A MUST read from an insanely talented artist and great gal!
ChristyW on Amazon



Never have I connected with a book as deeply and as immediately as I did with Sara’s. I remembered I’d preordered the book this morning 10/7 and decided around lunch time to begin. It is now almost 9 PM and I’ve cried at least 5 times at various places – the subway, Bryant Park, Lincoln Center, you get the idea. As a long time fan of everything that comes out of Sara’s mouth, and an avid musical theatre fan myself, this book spoke to my soul so effortlessly and gently. Beautiful.
Paige Fridell on Amazon


In this balanced, honest collection of eight essays, each “anchored by song,” Grammy-nominated singer Bareilles shares the story of her life “so far,” beginning with her childhood in Eureka, Calif. When she was 12, her parents divorced but remained on good terms; Bareilles journaled her way through the experience, learning early on to use paper and pen as a way to process her innermost feelings. Teased by peers as a child, she was scarred by “fat trashing” but eventually found her way to a new school and friends, theater, and singing. After a broken teenage love affair, Bareilles wrote the popular song “Gravity” and began her journey to professional songwriting and singing, eventually signing a record contract and releasing five albums with and several hits. Readers will also learn the inspiration behind “Once upon Another Time,” “Love Song,” “Beautiful Girl,” “Red,” “Many the Miles,” “Brave” and “She Used to Be Mine” were birthed. Though Bareilles asserts that writing the book was the hardest thing she’s ever done, her prose has a natural rhythm, and the stories behind each song are organically woven throughout. Fans will be more enamored, as, like Bareilles’s music, this biography resonates with authentic and hard-won truths.

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  1. Laura
    January 29, 2016 at 11:11 am

    I listened to it on tape. I have severe PTSD, so reading is sometimes complicated for me. It sounded in places, disingenuous. But I mean, it’s public, so of course she’s not going to tell her WHOLE life story. I say, what am I a book critic or just a pissed off non published writer, who has been at it for 17 years. (the latter)

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