Some Waitress Musical Reviews!

From previews starting March 25th to opening night on April 24th “Waitress” has received a lot of positive press and reviews. A general theme that the musical is well liked and can expect a bright future. Below are a few quotes from reviews posted within the past few weeks.

The New York Times

Ms. Bareill25waitress-web1-master768es shows an unexpected flair for comic songs, with that joyous hootenanny for Mr. Fitzgerald; a nervous solo about dating jitters for Ms. Glenn; and a rollicking duet for Jenna and the doctor wittily establishing that they both know that getting together is a “pretty good bad idea.”

Ms. Mueller also has a lovely, reflective ballad in the first act that establishes, or rather underscores, the solace Jenna finds in making pies, which allows her to escape the awkward chemistry of her life into the satisfying alchemy of baking.

But it is when Ms. Mueller tears into the musical’s climactic number, “She Used to Be Mine,” that her talents are most fully and movingly harnessed. In this emotionally intricate song, Jenna looks at herself from the outside, analyzing the conflicts and complexities within her: “She is messy but she’s kind/She is lonely most of the time.” In acknowledging the mistakes she’s made and the regret she’s allowed to puncture her self-esteem, Jenna finds a voice for the nascent, regenerating woman within her.

Review: Jessie Mueller Serves a Slice of Life (With Pie) in Sara Bareilles’s ‘Waitress’


Los Angeles Times

There are beautiful harmonies throughout, a couple of high-spirited group numbers and some jaunty orchestral use of kitchen utensils, but the score is notable for allowing Mueller to bare Jenna’s soul in a wash of ethereal jazz.

‘Waitress’ serves up a slice of star power in Jesse Mueller


Hollywood Reporter

There’s no doubt that Bareilles can write songs, as the catchy hooks in these numbers attest. The surprise is that while most of her own popular work has been intimately personal, she writes just as well when channeling the point of view of fictional characters.

‘Waitress’: Theater Review


A couple YouTube reviews worth watching:


Playbill has put together a handy list of reviews, be sure to check them out!

Collection of Waitress Reviews on Playbill


Also noteworthy, The New York Times published an article about Sara and her recent work on the musical 🙂



“It actually took me a long time to say that I love this project,” Ms. Bareilles said recently, enjoying a glass of pinot grigio after another long day of rehearsal. “It was very hard; it was confusing; it was foreign. I think I was having a little bit of an out-of-body experience with it for maybe the first year of working on this show.”

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