Sara “Disappointed” At Reaction to Brave/Roar Furore

Sara Bareilles has addressed the recent uproar amongst fans caused by the similarities between the first single from The Blessed Unrest, Brave, and Katy Perry’s Roar (coincidentally also the first single from her own upcoming album, Prism).


Speaking in an interview, Sara made her feelings about the controversy clear, dismissing claims that the songs are too similar, stating I don’t feel like anything was taken from me artistically. I wasn’t the one having any problems with it.” She went on to emphasise that she and Katy Perry are friends, and have discussed the two songs, even teasing that they may one day create a mash-up of the too songs.


So who was having a problem with it? Sadly, it seems Sara has been none-too-pleased with some fans’ reactions to the episode, stating that she was “sort of disappointed” with fans who were “aggressive”.


Bearing in mind Sara’s friendship with Katy Perry, and her statement that she doesn’t “promote drama in [her] life and competition”, it is likely that these comments will spell the end of the controversy over the two songs.


Have Sara’s comments put the matter at rest for you? Do you feel the two songs are too similar, or are you, like Sara, just happy that there are two empowering songs making waves in the charts? Be sure to comment to let us know.

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