SB Radio Feature

All The Sara Music You Want And More

Yep, your iTunes just got cooler. With the rollout of Apple’s iOS7, iTunes Radio comes as a great new way to discover amazing music and other artists that may suit your listening pleasure. What better way to try out this new service by tuning in to Sara Bareilles Radio?

SB iTunes Radio

Sara Bareilles Radio
(Thanks to Jen for the screenshots!)


This new service is pretty neat as you can either choose an artist, song, or album to get your custom station started and fine-tune it the way you like, or you can browse from the huge selection of pre-curated stations, including Sara’s!

Be sure to let us know in the comments if you’ve tried out this feature already and how you’re liking it.


BONUS: The Blessed Unrest is currently featured in the iPod classic’s home and gallery pages. Cool. 🙂


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