NPR, VH1 and Vevo host Sara Bareilles

On Monday October 5th, the day before the release of Sounds Like Me Sara was keeping busy pre book tour with a radio show, and a couple question and answer sessions via Twitter with fans.

Sara was on NPRs On Point with Tom Ashbrook talking about the misconception of how Love Song came to be, as well as deeper topics about self love and finding out who she is as an artist.

some memorable quotes:

I think I arrived at a place in my life where I’m craving more depth.

I learned that you can actually play too many shows, and then your audience becomes your roommate and your aunt.

I feel a little like I have an old soul, although I am competing in a “contemporary music world.”

I’m someone who feels very deeply for the human experience. It’s easy for me to access sadness.

If I could be a icon for positive self-speak, I’d like to hear that, since I need it, too.

The podcast can be found and downloaded here on the shows website and also here on iTunes


Sara also answered questions through VH1 Musics twitter which can be seen in the picture below!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.06.58 PM


Sara has also filmed her answers to fan questions for Vevo Ask:Reply. The video for this hasn’t been posted yet but will be uploaded on Vevo’s YouTube page so keep an eye out! Hope you’re all enjoying the book!


Sara Vevo Ask:Reply


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