My incredible trip to NYC / SaraBFans Reunion

Hey guys!

I finally have some time to write a recap of my intense trip to the East Coast. I am going to do my best to document everything.

The adventure began on October 9th at 5am (Paris time). I woke up looking like a zombie but was so excited it didn’t really matter. I took a city train to the Charles de Gaulle airport. As people looked at me, I just wanted to scream “I AM GOING TO NEW YORK CITY!”. Yeah, I was kind of excited. My flight was good. I mean, no baby was crying next to me, so I would consider it was a pretty successful flight.

I made it to JFK and I started realizing that I was in the US. In New York. The security check at the airport was kind of crazy though, but it was okay. Nothing could ruin my happiness that day. I then took the airtrain to another terminal (Yes, i managed to figure it out on my own, pretty proud about it) to join my friend Emma who flew from the Netherlands to see Sara Bareilles as well. We then took a cab to another friend’s house. Jen Webb. Jen was nice enough to invite both of us to stay at her place. How cool is that? I was so glad to see these girls again. It was so fun hanging out with them! After a short trip to Whole Foods (which was pretty incredible from a European guy’s point of view), we took a train to NYC!!! It was my second time going to NYC and even if I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as the first time, I was amazed by the city. It is insane. I love it. We then headed to Bill’s bar and burger to meet with some of you guys. Yes, we were the ones who organized it and we were late. Very late. It was so fun chatting with SaraBFans before the Sara Bareilles show! So nice to meet you. Here is a pic from it :

Ahhhhh. I miss you guys. Anyway, we then went to Radio City Music Hall to see Sara Bareilles. duh. The show was absolutely amazing. It definitely felt like a special night. I was supposed to be in the 3rd mezzanine but I ended up sitting in the 2nd row! WHAT? Thanks Jen! My favorite part from the show was Sara performing Come Round Soon solo on electric guitar. So powerful, so amazing. I was glad that Sara saw Jen & I and smiled at us a few times as well. A few pics from the show :

After the show, we went back to the hall. I saw Elizabeth Ziman (from Elizabeth & the catapult) with Shervin Lainez but they seemed to be in a hurry so I didn’t say hi. But then I saw Jason Blynn and Pete Harper from Harper Blynn (AMAZING BAND) so I went to say hi. It was funny. I introduced myself “hey guys i’m Clement from Paris” and they were like “CLEMEEEEEEEENT!! HIIIIII! HOW ARE YOU MAN???”. Pretty cool they knew who I was. They even told me they were sorry they didn’t get to play their cover of “Psycho Killer” (I told them before I love it and Jason sings French in it) . We chatted a bit and then we left the venue and took a train back to Jen’s house. It was an amazing night. Back at Jen’s house I checked my phone (finally had internet) and saw that I had an email from Sara’s manager who said that Sara wanted to meet us after the show. Oh well. Timing.

The day after that, October 10th, Emma, Jen and I drove from Connecticut to Philly blasting Sara Bareilles songs in the car, cause that’s what 3 SaraBFans do together, obviously. Why were we driving to Philly that day? To see Harper Blynn & Sara Bareilles live again! After getting lost in Philly and driving on the same bridge 3 times, we made it to the Electric Factory quite early (around 2pm I think). It was freezing. And raining. We joined the fans who were already waiting in the line. It was so very nice to meet you guys! Here’s a pic :

We also started passing out signs that we had printed. Fans were supposed to hold them when Sara B would sing “Brave” that night. The signs had lyrics from the song on them. Pretty cool. We were not sure it would be successful, but we had to try anyway. We waited, and waited, and waited. Misty Boyce came by and it was great chatting with her for a bit. I then got an email asking if I was at The Electric Factory already. I replied that I was and a few minutes later, a guy opened the door and said “Is Clement here?”. I kind of freaked out and they let me in. There, I saw the members of Harper Blynn (Pete and Jason whom I met the night before, and Whynot and Sarab). Those guys are awesome, seriously. I then asked if I could bring a couple of friends with me in the venue. Emma and Jen joined me and we waited for a while in a room. We heard that Sara started soundcheck, so we decided to go see her. She then took pics with people who had won a radio contest, and then walked to us to say hi. It was great to see her again. She is the sweetest. We gave her the books we had prepared for her (Thanks Jen!) – confessions book and letters to sara book. After a little chat, we took some pictures and She even posted one on her Instagram.

How cool is that? Then Sara went backstage to do an interview. It was Harper Blynn soundcheck time. We were the only ones watching it. Private gig please. They sound amazing. I was a fan before but seeing them live changed everything. I’m addicted. They even played “Psycho Killer” (for me?). Awesome.

Then the doors opened. Jen and I started passing out as many signs as we could. My French accent didn’t help but we made it! The show that night was amazing as well. My favorite part was obviously “Brave” and our surprize which was amazing :

After the show, I took a quick picture with Harper Blynn. Did I mention those guys are awesome?

Then from October 11 to October 13, I hung out with Jen and Emma in New York City and we had the time of our lives! We even went to see the Broadway show Annie. Amazing.

You can find a few more pics on my Instagram.

My return flight was delayed and I was very late to work on Monday morning but who cares? This trip was perfect. I met so many amazing people. Thank you so much Jen for letting us stay at your place and being awesome. Thank you to all the other great people I met during this trip. When is the next SaraBFans reunion?

Even if I think the new Sara Bareilles band is really good and they sound amazing live, I did really miss the old band. It felt kind of weird not seeing the boys on stage… By the way, have you seen the video we made for them?


Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the next few days (did I hear the word “contest”?).

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