Interview with the band #2 – Steve Goold

Our series of interviews with the band continues and after Misty Boyce, it’s time to get to know Steve Goold!

Steve is Sara’s drummer. He has also worked with Owl City or Go Fish. Here’s our interview with this super talented musician :


– How long have you been playing the drums? When did you first start?

I’m 33 years old and I started playing drums when I was 11. I took it pretty seriously right away and then REALLY committed myself to music around age 16. By the time I was 20 I wasn’t doing anything else for work and it’s been that way ever since.

– What inspired you to play this instrument?

The truth is that I wanted to play guitar when I was a kid, and I always envisioned that instrument as my entrance to the music world. But my older sister was dating a drummer when I was in 6th grade and I thought he was cool. One day we were at his house with time to kill so he showed me a basic groove on his kit because it was set up in the basement. I was hooked.

– Have you had any ‘formal’ music training?

None at all. I’ve studied the instrument extensively but always in private lesson settings.

– How did you meet Sara?

I’ve been playing music with Chris Morrissey since we were both in high school. We were in a bunch of bands together and we’ve always been close friends (he was a groomsman in my wedding). He’s the one who connected me to Sara when she was forming the current band lineup.

– What do you enjoy most about performing with Sara? How is it different from other bands you’ve been a part of?

My favorite part about Sara’s music is the diverse sonic and rhythmic atmospheres that cover her various records. I Choose You, Eden, Chasing the Sun, December, Love Song, Many the Miles, Hercules, Gravity, King of Anything… all those tunes are really different from each other and use really unique approaches from the drums. Most artists have a very narrow landscape for their music and Sara’s is really broad. My favorite part about Sara herself (as an artist) is her desire and commitment to explore the possibilities within her own music and dig deep to bring out as much excellence as we can as a band. It makes for solid and rewarding shows night after night.


– What’s your favorite Sara Bareilles song to perform live, and why?

I really love playing Eden. The energy is so infectious and the groove is just flat out fun to play.

– What’s your favorite moment on a Sara Bareilles tour so far?

Performing at Sara’s hometown for a small theater full of basically just her friends and family was really special. They were so welcoming to us as “the new band” and we even had a somewhat deeper and more intense musical connection on stage that night. I think it’s fair to say that we all look back on that gig as a benchmark in last year’s tour.

– What are you listening to these days?

Lately I’ve been revisiting some Bill Frisell records that I have always loved, as well as Steely Dan’s “Aja.” I also don’t get very far into a given month without spinning a lot of Jon Hopkins and Photek.

– Do you have any side projects?

Yes, actually! I’m listening to mixes right now for an instrumental thing that me and the guitarist in Owl City made last year, tentatively called “Mass.” We will probably release it this summer.



During Sara Bareilles’ latest US headlining tour, Steve recorded a few drum cam videos at different shows, with a little help from the one and only Kris Mazzarisi. It’s really interesting to see. Here’s “Chasing The Sun” live in St. Louis :


Make sure to check out Steve’s blog and Youtube channel for more videos and technical details! He also posted a few very interesting articles and notes on Tumblr/blog during the previous tour.


Thanks Steve for taking the time to answer our questions!


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