ICYMI: SaraBFans News Roundup

Hey guys!

In case you’ve been in hibernation or too busy re-watching your Brave Enough DVDs, there’s been loads of Sara B stuff going on. You know we love to keep you updated so here is a lil recap to get you in the loop:


– Remember that secret video shoot she did a few months back? It’s for the Dreamers TV Commercial!

(Rockin those boots, ain’t she?):

– A bunch of shows are lined up starting next week up to most of December.

– The amazing Richard Marx recently had a show at The City Winery, NYC

where he invited Sara and Ingrid to sing “Right Here Waiting” on stage with him! (Anyone else wishing for a collab soon?):

– Sara is featured in 10th Anniversary re-recording of “Flutterby”! Pledge for your copy – deets here

– Former Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare frontman Dan Wilson debuted a lovely new single

called “Disappearing” and features Sara in the harmonies. Listen Here or watch the lyric vid:

– Sara’s Artists Den performance will be airing Feb. 2014! Check out the amazing teaser featuring Hercules

– Santana and Rachel will sing “Brave” for Glee’s Episode 5×09, Frenemies (Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Sara on the show, too?)

– Sara shined in her performance on The Voice the other night. As always:

– Sara co-wrote a song with Jennifer Nettles called “This One’s For You”, to be released on Jennifer’s new album

Last but not the least, we recently launched The Blessed Unrest cover contest!

Awesome submissions already! We’re excited to hear more so send in your entries in the Solo or Collab category. 🙂

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