Fan video projects

We have made a few fan videos since the creation of SaraBFans, check them out!



Sara Bareilles Mashup (Chipmunk Style!)


Beautiful Girl

Crying watching these beautiful girls (and boys) be brave and brilliant. Thank you to my incredible fans.
Sara Bareilles on Twitter


Happy Birthday Sara

couldn’t be more thankful for my @sarabfans. You guys never cease to amaze me and make me smile. You, and top ramen. Xo
Sara Bareilles on Twitter


Proud to be a Sara Bareilles Fan

Thank you to my @sarabfans for my video. I am speechless. Embarrassed, humbled, grateful…with a lump in my throat. xo
Sara Bareilles on Twitter


Javier Dunn Fan Video – Order

aren’t my fans just the cutest lil things ever? yes they are. yes they ARE. this is one of the coolest compliments i have EVER received. my face hurts from smiling. thanks guys. you rule.
Javier Dunn on Facebook


Gonna Get Over You

AMAAAAZING job on the new sara b fan video. they just get better and better. truly amazing. nice work!
Javier Dunn

My fans are adorable. To my @sarabfans… You’re effing precious. Thank you so much.
Sara Bareilles on Twitter


King of Anything

My sweet Fans! Thank you so much for this amazing video from all over the world!! My heart is full of love. 🙂
Sara Bareilles on Twitter