Bravest of the Brave

“Meeting someone like Joshua puts all sorts of things in perspective and really, it highlights and showcases what music – and making music, and connecting with people through music is all about.”

These were Sara Bareilles’ words of wonderment and admiration upon meeting brave little warrior Joshua Chambers over the weekend. At 4-years old, Joshua is an energetic, sweet, and outgoing kid whose story is something truly remarkable and merits him of being “the bravest of the brave“, having been diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) early this year. Since then, he has been undergoing treatment and facing his battle with an incredibly headstrong and positive attitude that you can’t help but admire. He adopted the motto “Be Brave and even found inspiration in Sara’s anthemic song.

“One of his first hospitalizations, we heard the song (Brave) and we heard it in the hospital and he goes ‘Look Mommy, she’s singing about me’, recalls Joshua’s mom, Mina Chambers.


Joshua had the incredible opportunity of meeting Sara and even singing his theme song at her House of Blues concert last Sunday! It was a really special moment as Sara introduced him to the audience  and Joshua fearlessly “sang his 4-year old butt off.” He even gave Sara some gifts: a wrist band with his motto, and a “Keep Calm and be Brave” shirt – super cool! See the video of their adorable duet below:

“There’s a very, very special brand new friend of mine who’s come to the show tonight. You guys are going to fall in love with him the way that I did.” 


Taking the stage with his spunky and adorable smile. Look at our little guy just flooring it with Sara!

Joshua’s story and bravery caught the attention of people and social media and he was even featured on Fox Orlando’s news program. Watch it here :

more footage from Fox Orlando here.


“Josh is one of the bravest little angels I’ve ever met in my whole life.”

Meeting Joshua was undeniably a very endearing and empowering moment for Sara (and surely for Josh and his family as well). It is amazing to see music connect to people, especially the song Brave, which since its release has taken a life of its own and speaking multitudes of inspiration for a lot of people in many ways.

“S” is for spirited and stout of heart

You go, Joshua! Thank you for bringing awareness to childhood cancer and showing us that the biggest “BRAVE” can sometimes come from the littlest warrior.


Youtube vid and all images courtesy of Mr. Jeremy Chambers.
If you want to know more about Joshua’s story or help support his battle, go to #BeBrave

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