Birthday Surprise!

Hola! This weekend has certainly been full of love, celebration, and freakout parties for us Sara Bees!

Totally understandable if you guys are still calming down from hyperventilations in light of Sara’s recent platinum certification for Brave, her two nominations for the 56th GRAMMYs (officially making her a 5x Nominee), and our queen’s birfday.

Speaking of #SaraBDay, here are some bits and pieces of her birthday show at The Paramount:

The Paramount

(Photo by @TheParamountNY on Instagram)

Some time on the encore, the fans started chanting “ALBUM OF THE YEAR!” and then sang her a happy birthday. There is our very own Jen Webb handing our birthday girl the hat and the card signed by SaraBFans on the line and online! Thanks, Jen!
(Video by TakingFlightStudio)

SB Hat

“You know I love hats!” (photo by @gsetia on Instagram)

Later on, Sara’s sister came out on stage with a huge candlelit cake and a glass of champagne. Sweet!
(Video by Jen Webb)

Sara also performed a beautiful new live arrangement of Basket Case. WHOA.
(video by jtq2390)

BONUS: Watch her NASCAR Awards performance of Brave (a little while after finding out she was nominated for 2 GRAMMYs) at this link!

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  1. December 10, 2013 at 12:11 am

    I absolutely love that you guys got the card to her, that’s so awesome. Great job 🙂

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