Are you ready for the #SaraBGrammys weekend?

It’s been a great few weeks for Sara B fans. Amazing announcement after amazing announcement, TV appearances, news articles and opinion pieces. Sara is everywhere and it is AWESOME.

So, if you’ve been living under a rock and are like, Grammy who? or you’ve read every comment piece and watched The View performance 5 times, here is your essential #SaraBGrammys round-up for 2014.

What are the Grammys?

The biggest music award ceremony in the United States. Being nominated for a Grammy is a Big Deal™ and basically a sign of validation within the music industry and to the public.


So what nominations did Sara get?

Sara got 2 nominations this year. She is nominated for Album of the Year for The Blessed Unrest and Best Pop Solo Performance of the Year for Brave.


Is this as big a deal as it sounds?

YES. Album of the Year is the biggest award of the night and pretty much the most prestigious accolade you can get in terms of the music industry in the US.


Why was everyone so surprised that The Blessed Unrest was nominated?

It’s fair to say that the nomination for TBU came out of left field. Everyone – including Sara, her management and the fans, who, let’s face it, would give her ALL THE AWARDS if they could – was surprised.

This isn’t because TBU isn’t an award-worthy album, but because it was very much under the radar since its release, the sales figures are no match for the other albums nominated in the same category and it hasn’t spawned a great number of big singles, as is the norm.

NOTE! This doesn’t mean that TBU has no chance of winning, as some of the more snide commentators have suggested. Check out what the awarding body say about this award:

It is meant to “honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.”

Does that sound like The Blessed Unrest? Yes, it does.


Will Sara be performing on the night?

Yes! Sara teased that she would be one of the performers and then waited a couple of days before dropping the bombshell: She will be performing a with Carole King. The performance will be a mash up of Brave and a song of Carole King’s.


Who is Carole King?


Just kidding. Carole King is a legend of the music industry and gave the world songs like You’ve Got A Friend and Where You Lead. She’s won a fair few Grammy awards herself, and Sara has said in the past that she is one of her musical heroes.


When is the Grammys on?

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast live on CBS at 8pm ET/P. (Fun fact: It’s usually on in February, but was moved forward because of the Winter Olympics.)


How can I watch it live?

If you live in the US, you can watch it on CBS and

If you live outside of the US, things get a little more complicated. It may be worth checking to see if the show will be broadcast on any digital channels in your country, but the likelihood is you will need to find a way of streaming it online, possibly with the help of a program that lets you pretend to be in a different country than you actually are. Like the United States, for example…

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be up all night, but you won’t be alone. Just use the #SaraBGrammys hashtag to keep in touch with fellow Sarabees all over the world.

The alternative is waiting until the following day and watching the clips on YouTube.


Anything else?

You want MORE?

There have been plenty of opinion pieces and features published over the last week or so as we get closer to the ceremony that discuss Sara and TBU. Some are lovely and will put a huge smile on your face (thank you,, while others…well, let’s just say you might find yourself belting out the chorus to Sweet As Whole as you read.

There are two many individual articles to list here, but a simple Google search should throw them up, or you can check out the @sarabfans Twitter feed to see which have been tweeted out over the last few days.

Finally, to whet your appetite, you may want to watch (or rewatch) these videos from Sara’s previous outings at the Grammys.


Whichever way it goes on Sunday, we could not be more proud of Sara and all she’s achieved with The Blessed Unrest. Join us in the celebration on Sunday on the #SaraBGrammys hashtag.

See you then!


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