Sara Bareilles Fans is not Sara Bareilles’ official site, but a fansite that we decided to create because of our passion and admiration. Since its creation it has become the first Sara Bareilles fan community.

We do not own Sara Bareilles’ pictures, they belong to their owners. Some of them were taken by Colin Young-Wolff, Shervin Lainez and Heidi Ross.

The site opened on October 5, 2008.

You can take pictures or content from the site, but please make sure you mention us.

The team

We are true and huge fans of Sara Bareilles who decided to create a fansite to gather all Sara Bareilles Fans and spread the love! Clement is at the origin of this project. He first created a French fansite. He was then joined by John and Josi who helped him create this international fansite, a photo gallery and a community. They got busy and could not help Clement anymore, that’s why Jen, Sadie and Sara joined the team!

Presentation of the team is coming soon.